Built-In Monetization

Set your own business model with AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD

AdStack TV

AdStack TV is a comprehensive monetization framework tailored for OTT. Connect to any demand partner, make parallel ad calls to various partners, and set levers for CPM priority level and response time to help with yield optimization and maximize fill. Simply put, AdStack TV is the most robust AVOD monetization solution on OTT.

Subscriptions & Transactions

Monetize content with flexible subscription and transactional video options. Content can be placed into bundles and then offered to users behind any desired paywall – be it electronic sell through, rentals,  subscriptions, or a hybrid model. Users pay for content directly within the streaming service through a transaction process powered by secure industry-trusted partners.

Sponsors and “Presented by”

Sponsorship placements within streaming services that move the needle for sponsors. Sell “presented by” slates at the video or channel level and cobranding on discover pages or throughout an entire streaming service.

Donations And Tips

Allow viewers to donate to your cause. Donations can be a one time payment, or function similar to subscriptions, so that when a user signs up to donate a certain amount, the donation automatically reoccurs each week or month until canceled.