Proprietary Video A.I.

Enriched user experience, automation and reporting with patented data sets

What Our A.I. Captures

Social Data

Unreel’s Video A.I. listens to all social activity around your content. If users are sharing and talking about a video on social media our A.I. indexes that data and uses it to inform our platform.

User Data

From sign-up, we build a unique profile around each user. Tracking content, discovery habits, and video engagement; our system is constantly enhancing the user’s fingerprint. Each video view, like and share makes our system smarter.

Video Data

Content within Unreel is under a microscope. Every action taken on each video on our platform is tracked. This data is then analyzed to better understand the popularity of content and the scenes that inspire users most to engage.

What Our A.I. Powers

Discovery and Recommendations

Custom video and playlist recommendations produced by our video A.I. that go deeper than other streaming services — driving viewers to discover new content and continue watching. Our system uniquely attributes user’s commenting and social actions in addition to viewing behavior to serve more effective video recommendations.

Content Automation

Using proprietary data Unreel produces smart linear live channels and highlight reels out of content and scenes that receive high engagement. This automated process creates new content and discovery experiences for users that our system has optimized and knows will perform best.

X-Ray Search

A deeper search experience enriched by more than simple keywords and titles. Unreel allows for search and discovery to take place within content. Users can find actors, products, and their favorite scenes by searching metadata and comments inside of videos.

Social Tools

Unreel’s player offers unique engagement features including time-stamped based commenting and an instant GIF and MEME creator. These tools encourage deeper interactions with content and produce new data points that make the entire system smarter.

Advanced Analytics

A deeper understanding of engagement informed by A.I. Unreel’s analytics track the exact moment a user interacts with content and performs a sentiment analysis around the nature of that engagement. This information is then interpreted and made available to guide content organization and creation strategy.