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Unreel Entertainment Launches Streaming Platform with $1M Creator “Appreciation Fund”

Online video startup Unreel Entertainment announced today that it has launched its white label streaming and distribution platform, designed to help creators, MCNs and publishers establish their own branded homepages and video networks… allows creators to build their own video streaming sites and apps

As part of the launch, the company is also announcing a $1 million “Creator Appreciation Fund,” where the first $1 million earned through sites will go entirely to creators. After that, the standard revenue share deal will be 85 percent to creators, 15 percent to Unreel. The platform itself will be completely free… Offers $1 Million For Creators Who Want To Launch Streaming Sites

Creators, networks, and publishers are eager to establish centralized online video hubs where they can gather their fans and control revenue streams. For those groups, is looking to provide an attractive new option. The startup, which has officially launched its distribution platform, lets users build their own streaming services, which they can then proliferate on desktop, mobile, and over-the-top devices…

Unreel.Co Grabs $1M in Seed Funding Led By Digital Ignition

Data is crucial for building and evaluating a video strategy. Now, Silicon Valley start-up is looking to service those companies, and they’ve raised $1 million in seed funding to carry out that goal…

A.I.-powered app secures $1 million in funding

Social video start-up Unreel has just raised $1 million in a round of financing led by Digital Ignition, with additional contributions from Poise Ventures and angel investors Adam Yarnold, Gordon Whitener and Jackson Huynh…

Unicorns, ad-wrapped cars and other signs of a coming techpocalypse

For the last few months, everyday commuters rolled along the streets of San Diego and San Francisco promoting young companies like security-camera firm Butterfleye, in-home caregiver HomeHero and viral-video site Unreel

Launch Your Own Movie Channel With Video Streaming

Social video streaming company Unreel Entertainment has launched a new platform called, which provides all the tools businesses may need to instantly launch their unique, rich online video hubs. Not only that, they can monetize the content they create….

White Label Video Service Unreel.Me Announces Slew Of New Features, Monetization Tools

The white label service says the new features will “empower creators, brands, and publishers running their own video networks on the platform to better engage audiences, distribute content, and earn more revenue from owned videos,” according to a press release…

The Startup Buyers At Metric Collective Offer Founders A ‘Landing Spot’ In A Deflating Tech Bubble

FranchiseHelp is now worth 100 times what the pair paid for it, they say. And it taught Metric Collective a playbook to start replicating with other businesses. “We didn’t have to sell,” says Dan Goikhman, who sold Dandelion to Metric Collective in order to pursue a new idea he liked more called Unreel. Dandelion had raised money from early investors and built out a promising business, Goikhman says, but after multiple startups, he knew its small-business ads weren’t where he wanted to spend the next few years of his career…

Using AI To Figure Out What Makes You LOL

An outfit called Unreel Entertainment has just launched JustLOL, an app that presents just the funniest parts of funny videos, with the ability to use artificial intelligence to eventually figure out what kind of stuff makes you laugh. The time you save on discovery is replaced with moments of good solid yucks. That’s the working theory.

This seems so sadly. . . marketable… Partners With GT Channel, Jash; Launches New Distribution Tools For Networks

Unreel Entertainment, a white-label video streaming platform, announced today new distribution partnerships with car video network GT Channel, comedy network Jash, and digital content producer Zazoom Media Group.

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