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Studio71 Buys 50 Streaming Apps From Unreel, Expanding Non-YouTube Footprint

“‘With this acquisition, Studio71 is definitively expanding distribution off social video platforms like YouTube and becoming a leader in OTT with an expansive network of meaningful brands,’ Studio71 VP of Global Distribution Nick Jacklin said.”

New OTT channel from Nitro Circus

“‘This is a great opportunity for Nitro Circus to expand our reach and offer our short form quick-hit content in a dynamic way while retaining control. We are excited to be doing so alongside Unreel and the great team therein,’ said Nitro Circus Global Head of Business Development Nick Crooks.”

Field & Streaming

“Digital magazine platform company Zinio, in partnership with OTT technology developer Unreel, has launched Zinio TV, a free streamer offering short-form video from such imprints as Popular Science, Field & Stream, Dirt Rider, Outdoor Life and Motorcyclist.”

World Poker Tour Launches New Free Poker OTT Streaming Service

“The World Poker Tour has partnered with leading video streaming service provider Unreel to give poker fans and players easy access to its high-quality video content through its new free OTT (over-the-top) streaming service WatchWPT.”

VDMS, Unreel partner for branded OTT apps

“We are committed to simplifying the OTT content delivery ecosystem for broadcasters and content providers,” said Chris Carey, chief strategy officer for Verizon Digital Media Services. “Our customers can leverage Unreel to manage multiple apps and online destinations, syndicate more than 7 million videos into content streams, and distribute their own content to millions of viewers within Unreel’s OTT network.”

What Networks Should Know About Live-Streaming an Event Online

“At my company, Unreel, we’ve taken part in the enormous undertaking of live streaming an event across multiple over-the-top (OTT) channels including the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards and the Dew Tour. We want to share the challenges and tips we have from these experiences with networks that might want to stream their next event live online.”

‘High Times’ Launches OTT Network

“High Times has partnered with video streaming service Unreel to help develop the OTT platform’s apps. High Times TV is integrated with Unreel’s digital ad networks… in an effort to create new monetization opportunities for creators in the space.” Partners With Hard Knocks Fighting Championship To Bring Fighting Content To Fight Fans On Connected Devices

“‘Partnering with Unreel is a step forward for the MMA industry and will provide individual promotions with access to a large fan base they do not currently have.’ said Ari Taub, CEO at Hard Knocks Fighting Championship. ‘Now our fans will be able to watch events from all over the world on devices they prefer. The big screen is made for fights, and Battle Zone will ensure they can be streamed on Smart TVs.'”

A Blast From The Past: Why Cult Classics And Older Titles Are Seeing A Resurgence On OTT

“With the rise of technology-based libraries, vast collections of obscure and old content are becoming much easier to access. Again: instead of viewers having to comb through flea markets to find their favorite flicks, now with on-demand app and websites, they just need to type in a few keywords to find the content they’re looking for.” CEO says AVOD is picking up steam

“‘As celebrates its addition to Roku’s preferred developers program, Unreel Entertainment CEO Dan Goikhman said he’s seeing ad-supported VOD on the rise. He said Unreel sees demand for AVOD and SVOD, but that there are more people thinking about AVOD today and there’s more momentum in the OTT advertising space.”

Unreel Announces Its 80th Roku Channel and Joins Roku’s Preferred Developer Program, Making It Easier For Content Providers To Launch On the Roku Platform

“‘Working with Roku is a strategic decision. The Roku platform has the right mix of monetization tools and engaged users to help grow Unreel and also deliver excellent content to more and more audiences,’ said Unreel CEO Dan Goikhman.”

No Longer Afraid Of Breaking Away From Netflix And Cable, Broadcasters Are Diving Deeper Into OTT Than Ever Before

“The fact is: broadcasters finally realized they don’t need to rely on third-party streaming giants to leverage OTT. Now they’re launching OTT services themselves – and just like a toppled line of dominoes, more are sure to follow suit. But why are broadcasters diving so deep into OTT now? And what will happen to the cable packages they fostered for so long?”

Daytime Emmys Finds Its Digital Home

“All three events will air Sunday, April 29, live on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and YouTube, powered by Switchboard Live. Viewers who have Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android or Google Chromecast devices can watch on their televisions on the KNEKTV digital network built by Unreel.”

Popcornflix users skyrocket after partnering with OTT video streaming leader Unreel

“‘Our partnership with Unreel has completely changed how we utilize our long form content on the web and mobile applications. Through the Unreel platform, we were able to attract and retain thousands of new users practically overnight,’ said Ben Saxton, VP of Digital Product for Popcornflix.”

Apps in a Snap: Vewd and Give Content Owners Fast Time to Market

“‘ and Vewd are ideal partners for content owners who want to take advantage of the consumer shift to video on demand,” said Daniel Nordberg, SVP Partnerships, Vewd. “The 35 apps we’ve launched in a short period underscore how quickly content owners can get to market and take advantage of the incredible opportunity OTT presents. We look forward to working collaboratively with all of the world’s content owners to simplify the complexity of pursuing OTT strategies, helping them get their TV app running and growing in a snap.'”

Unreel Partners With Adventure Sports Network (ASN) to Launch New OTT Platform, Bringing Video Streaming to Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

“‘We are always looking for new ways to connect and engage with our audiences and we’ve seen tremendous growth in video consumption across our media brands, particularly on mobile and nontraditional devices,” says Kris Heineman, Group Director, Audience and Business Development at TEN: The Enthusiast Network. “We’re excited to partner with Unreel to build the Adventure Sports Network mobile and OTT apps.'”

ZINIO Partners with Unreel to Bring OTT Video Streaming Services to the Magazine Publishing Industry

“‘Unreel helps ZINIO meet a growing demand among publishers for video streaming services by offering best-in-class OTT technology,’ said Kelly Conlin, President and CEO of ZINIO. ‘Video has quickly become an important component of the editorial mix of magazine content, and adding Unreel’s OTT services to ZINIO’s technology platform will help publishers distribute and monetize their growing library of video content.'”

White Label OTT Service Startup Raises $1.5 Million

“Pre-Series A funding was led by former DISH and Blockbuster exec Michael Kelly, who currently serves as CEO of the Denver-based investment firm IoT Broadband., which was founded in 2015, had previously raised $2.4 million from investors like Digital Ignition, Vineyard Point Associates, and Poise Ventures. In tandem with the latest round, Kelly will join’s board — as will John Pavia, the EVP of LogicSource, which helps retail companies improve their sourcing and procurement practices.”

Unreel Is Streaming All Your Favorite Christmas Movies – Free

“For your viewing pleasure, Unreel Entertainment has gathered all of your favorite classic Christmas movies and cartoons into a new video streaming service called Christmas Zone. The OTT app development platform creates branded video apps for networks and publishers, and the curated content became freely available via streaming.”

Launch Your Own Movie Channel With Video Streaming

“What’s most interesting about this platform is that it allows users to deploy their own streaming service across desktop, mobile and smart TV apps. Further, it lets them monetize their videos through advertising, subscriptions, merchandise sales, and paywalls, while keeping a majority of the revenue generated.”

Unreel Entertainment a Finalist at 2017 Red Herring Top 100 North America

“Unreel Entertainment has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, which annually recognizes the continent’s brightest and most innovative private tech ventures. Unreel, a leading disrupter in the OTT and video technology industry, joins the ranks of previous prestigious finalists including Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Skype, SuperCell, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube.” Helps The World’s Largest Publishers Capitalize On Billion-Dollar OTT Opportunity

“, the leading turnkey OTT solution for publishers looking to monetize their video content, is proud to announce a partnership with top publisher Bonnier Corporation. By working with Unreel, Bonnier Corp. has already rapidly released a streaming service supported by multi-platform apps for one of their most popular brands, On Two Wheels, focused on motorcycling. Unreel, a member of the MPA, is focused on helping Bonnier Corp. and additional MPA members to launch OTT apps for every one of their brands.”

How Big Data Will Shape the Hypercompetitive Online Video Space

“A user’s online footprint of data can be a treasure trove of insights helping to predict future tastes and suggesting new content to pique a viewer’s appetite. This could be using real-time trending topics on Twitter to suggest relevant shows, or using computer vision to analyze video metadata, or even social media conversations.”

How the New Science of Polling Will Prevent Shocks Like the 2016 Election

“‘We found that social media was telling a powerful story that was different than what mainstream media reported in the polls. We crawled the top 2,000 videos of the 2016 Election across both camps and analyzed over 2.5M comments,’ said Dan Goikhman, CEO of ‘It was obvious that Trump was great at getting people engaged, regardless of whether the conversation was positive or negative. Trump videos had 20X the reactions to Clinton videos. Trump owned people’s attention. The lesson to be learned from the election is to look for share of voice.'”

Vevo After YouTube, the Biggest Challenges for New Video Platforms

“The most successful OTT video enterprises will be those that identify their niche community. Using big data, recommendations and personalization to inspire conversations. The fight of the underdog in the face of reigning giants means startups need to be creative, and new digital technologies and social capabilities will help independent content providers to do this.”

White Label Video Service Announces Slew Of New Features, Monetization Tools

“Among the new features are: SupportMe Donations, which will enable creators to accept virtual tips; Dynamic Content, which auto-creates playlists for viewers based on individual preferences; Coupons to offer viewers discounts on content; a ReelGenie Highlight Reel, which can create a promo clip by stringing together a user’s most popular videos using A.I. tech; the ability to push videos to RSS feeds; and a new Instant Subscriptions button.”

The Startup Buyers At Metric Collective Offer Founders A ‘Landing Spot’ In A Deflating Tech Bubble

“‘We didn’t have to sell,’ says Dan Goikhman, who sold Dandelion to Metric Collective in order to pursue a new idea he liked more called Unreel. Dandelion had raised money from early investors and built out a promising business, Goikhman says, but after multiple startups, he knew its small-business ads weren’t where he wanted to spend the next few years of his career. Dandelion’s investors wanted to keep going. In the sale, they got a choice whether to keep a stake. ‘It’s been a lot of fun,’ Goikhman adds. ‘I feel like an investor in this business now, a shareholder where I want to see it succeed.'”

Unreel Entertainment Launches Streaming Platform with $1M Creator “Appreciation Fund”

“The company… announced the creation of its Creator Appreciation Fund, which will allow early adopters of to keep 100% of the first $1 million in revenue generated by paywalls and merchandise sales on the platform. After the creator fund expires, they will get an 85/15 split on revenues from VOD transactions and merchandise sales, paid on a monthly basis.” Offers $1 Million For Creators Who Want To Launch Streaming Sites

“Unreel is the newest player in the custom streaming service industry, but it is not alone. VHX, for example, launched a similar product last year. In order to attempt to separate itself from the pack, Unreel is sweetening the deal with its Creator Appreciation Fund, which will let users keep 100% of the revenue they generate through their services, up to the first $1 million generated by Unreel as a whole.” Allows Creators To Build Their Own Video Streaming Sites And Apps

“‘ is designed for ANY content owner or aggregator to be able to launch their own streaming sites and apps on any platform, and is focused on truly making it available to EVERY creator to use, and any creator can use it today and get set up in less than a minute!'”

A.I.-Powered App Secures $1 Million In Funding

“Social video start-up Unreel has just raised $1 million in a round of financing led by Digital Ignition, with additional contributions from Poise Ventures and angel investors Adam Yarnold, Gordon Whitener and Jackson Huynh.”

Unreel.Co Grabs $1M in Seed Funding Led By Digital Ignition

“Unreel has built a technology coined ‘Bumblebee’ that scours both Facebook and YouTube for insights relevant to video and media publishers in trending topics and scenes within a piece of content. It features a dashboard designed to help creators scale and monetize their video business through advertising, paywalls or subscriptions and e-commerce opportunities.”

Unicorns, Ad-Wrapped Cars And Other Signs Of A Coming Techpocalypse

“San Diego-based Wrapify recruits drivers and swathes their cars in vinyl advertisements, often for companies not much older than the 5-month-old startup. For the last few months, everyday commuters rolled along the streets of San Diego and San Francisco promoting young companies like security-camera firm Butterfleye, in-home caregiver HomeHero and viral-video site”

Using AI To Figure Out What Makes You LOL

“An outfit called Unreel Entertainment has just launched JustLOL, an app that presents just the funniest parts of funny videos, with the ability to use artificial intelligence to eventually figure out what kind of stuff makes you laugh. The time you save on discovery is replaced with moments of good solid yucks. That’s the working theory.


“This seems so sadly. . . marketable.”

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