WHO?MAG Multimedia

WHO?MAG Multimedia, the largest host of urban entertainment and music content, brings you exclusive interviews, movies, TV shows, concerts, music videos, and much more. Featuring the BIGGEST names in hip hop and R&B ranging from Pitbull, Wyclef, Big Sean, Rakim, KRS-One, Redman & Meth, DJ Premier, Mathew Knowles, George Clinton, Public Enemy, and hundreds more. Starting as one of the first hip-hop/R&B orientated websites in 2002, a DVD magazine in 2005, to the largest independent hip hop/R&B TV show worldwide since 2007, WHO?MAG TV has now evolved into the TV network, WHO?MAG Multimedia. WHO?MAG has always been ahead of the curve in urban entertainment. WHO?MAG’s sister station, iFame TV was one of the first music channels on smart TVs and OTT devices worldwide.





October 17, 2017