Unreel entertainment is proud to present the funniest trending videos and their best parts ever assembled onto one site. JustLOL is not just a name, it is a promise. This FREE site will make you laugh guaranteed or your money back. How do we make such lofty claims without the approval of the FDA you ask? JustLOL has thousands of videos in various categories such as Trending, Pranks, Fails, Animals, and Late Night, so you are sure to have a great time. Our AI bot, whose primary objective is no longer to kill all humans, crawls the web to find you the most talked about moments in funny videos so you are always up to date. We know what you’re thinking, “Sure this sounds awesome, but I would only want it if I could GIF any moment and be able to share it.” We agree! What good is it seeing the funniest scene in a trending video if you cannot share it as a GIF? It’s no good, that’s what it is. So be good, and utilize JustLOL’s GIF feature, capturing moments on an eternal loop that could not be stopped even if you tried. With just a finger and the dexterity of a primate you can: -Pick your nose. -Jump to different parts in a video based on comments others have made. -Pick your friend’s nose. -Add your own comment at a specific scene in the video. (See something funny, say something funny) -Share your favorite videos and tagged moments to your Facebook and Twitter accounts (Didn’t you learn to share in pre-school? Finally put your education to use!)





April 14, 2017