“The End Of The World Will Be Televised.”

It’s the end of the world as we know it! From the mad scientists behind Sharknado and Snakes on a Train comes the ultimate ‘on demand’ TV subscription network to prepare you for Armageddon. Horror! Action movies! Thrillers! APOCALYPSE allows you to watch epic movies anywhere anytime, on any mobile or connected device — while running for your life, or in the comfort of your own home… or fall-out shelter.


Celebrate the planet’s final gasp with what may well be the last movie network ever!


Subscribe to APOCALYPSE and unleash:


* Crazy “mockbuster” movies like Airplane vs Volcano, 2 Headed Shark Attack, and Transmorphers.

* VIP behind the scenes and movie-making magic featurettes.

* Commercial free HD streaming.

* Watch on the web, your smartphone, tablet, or your connected TV.

* Comment on films while you watch on your smartphone platform.

* Subscription: $5.99 monthly OR $49.99 annually.

* Trial Period: 7 Days / 48 Hours





February 21, 2018