Popcornflix Case Study

Popcornflix is an over-the-top ad-supported video streaming service that launched in 2011. With more than 25 million lifetime downloads and hundreds of thousands of active monthly users, Popcornflix is a well-established and successful business. As the consumer-facing arm of Screen Media Ventures, Popcornflix has the rights to more than 3,000 films, and more than 60 complete TV series. Screen Media Ventures is one of the world’s largest privately held premium video collections in the world.

The Problem

Popcornflix’s rapid proliferation onto OTT platforms brought about several issues that needed to be addressed. Popcornflix sought to enable an improved and unified experience across all OTT sites and mobile apps and to expand onto new platforms.

Inconsistent User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX):


The design and experience in the apps on which Popcornflix content ran were severely uneven.

A Fragmented User Base:


Popcornflix lacked the ability to track a user’s actions across multiple properties. This prevented them from capturing data that could have been used to keep its users more engaged and to inform content strategy.

Too Expensive to Update:


A wide number of platforms, each with its own design, made it complicated and prohibitively expensive to update each platform’s app regularly to keep up with new features and trends.

The Solution

A new partnership with Unreel, which provided an answer for each of Popcornflix’s woes

“Our partnership with Unreel has completely changed how we utilize our long form content on the web and mobile applications. Through the Unreel platform, we were able to attract and retain thousands of new users practically overnight.”

— Ben Saxton, VP of Digital Product for Popcornflix 


Popcornflix was able to rapidly update their existing properties with brand new OTT apps that have all the bells and whistles needed for a modern streaming service. This partnership unified their user experience across Android, iOS and web, and delivered a central hub for them to manage content and users across multiple platforms enabling Popcornflix to focus on its core competency: acquiring and curating great video content. A month after the launch of the new Unreel-powered popcornflix.com’s website, sessions and users rose by almost 50%, bounce rates plummeted by 40%, and page views increased by 250%.


More Users


More Page Views


Bounce Rate Drop