Not To Brag, But He’s Got A Few Patents 🐝


Unique Insights Based On How Fans Engage


Bumblebee is our algorithm-powered bot that makes Unreel apps sweet as honey. The A.I. works by crawling the web for time-stamped comments made about videos on powered properties. Bumblebee bravely traverses the dangerous troll-ridden lands of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube to find comments about our partner’s content. So far we’ve found 10’s of millions!

What Do We Do With Bumblebee’s Data?




Search by Scene


Unreel search is unique, allowing users to find videos by title or by specific scenes/tags based on time-stamped comments.


 Analytics + Recommendations


A New Kind Of Data For A New Kind Of Insight.



We use Bumblebee’s engagement data to know fans’ exact preferences and serve them videos they can’t resist.



Bumblebee generates sentiment analysis reports around engagement with individual scenes to help you understand which moments in videos are popular and why, guiding future content strategy.




Spread And Grow The Conversation About Your Content.


The time-stamped comments Bumblebee finds are displayed in the comments section of corresponding videos, allowing a conversation around web-wide engagement to take place.