Daytime Emmys & KNEKT TV Case Study 

The Backstory

The Daytime Emmys is daytime television’s premier annual award show. In 2017, the event was exclusively streamed live via Facebook to fans across the social platform. In order to expand their viewership, the Daytime Emmys planned to distribute the event live across as many endpoints as possible.

Embracing a new forward-thinking distribution model, the Daytime Emmys turned to streaming service KNEKT TV

The exclusive OTT home for the 45 Annual Emmys was Unreel-powered KNEKT TV; a streaming service focused on live charity events and content that promotes doing good in the world. The Emmys also pushed the pre and post show coverage across their social media channels to promote the entire event on KNEKT, helping to drive traffic.

The Process

  • Daytime Emmys

    Produced and marketed the live event.


    Produced red carpet event and prepared live feed.

  • Unreel

    Distributed and monetized feed across OTT endpoints.

“Our partnership with Unreel allowed us to not only bring all of the VOD content around the Daytime Emmys to viewers across all devices, but also to bring the live show back to TV on our Apple and Roku TV apps. It was an honor to work with the team to create this level of innovation, increase viewership 344% over the previous year, and be the only major awards show to increase viewership in general for 2018.”


— Kent Speakman, Founder | CEO for KNEKT TV

The Results

2017 marked the first time the show was not broadcasted live, instead shown as a recording the day after on cable. For 2018, however – with end-to-end coverage of the show – KNEKT TV produced a massive increase in traffic – a 344% growth in audience – that they were able to then convert into new permanent users for their streaming service. The Emmys received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans pleased to be able to watch the event from any device.



Audience Growth