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Help Us Hack Cancer

Unreal commitment to charity:   Unreel team cleans up reel nice. In Silicon Valley, even the charities are start-ups.  Hack_cancer is a group of philanthropic young professionals who, in 2013, created the organization to hold events and raise money for non-profit cancer research.  Their marquee event is the annual Mr./Ms. Silicon Valley night.  The best and brightest start up minds from around the Bay area come together to both support charity and vie for the coveted Mr./Ms. Silicon Valley tittle.   In 2015 the...

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1 Million Moments and Counting

Unreel has just tagged one million unique moments in some of the best videos on the web, which begs the question…                                                                                            The moment a wax terminator comes to life as the real...

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Can Watching Viral Cat Videos Improve Your Life?

A university study has found cat videos boost more than just your mood.  We all do it.  For some it’s a guilty pleasure.  One that they privately indulge themselves to inside dark rooms hunched over their illuminated computer screens. Others fully embrace their primal instincts and flaunt their viewership with pride.  Of course we are talking about online cat videos.  It is hard to deny that watching videos of cats can make you smile, but a scientific study has found they...

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Unreel launches a new way to engage with video by surfacing the real moments that matter!

Unreel Entertainments launched at!  Full-screen channel surfing experience that automatically surfaces moments that matter. unreel shows specific time-marked scenes overlayed on top of video and allows users to skip to them automatically. Problem: With millions of videos to choose from, it’s challenging for users to remove the fluff in online videos and watch moments they might be interested in. At the same time video creators are trying to find new ways a distributing content and providing a better video experience for users. Research & Validation: We have spent...

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