Analytics are the lifeblood of any video streaming service.

How We Capture Data


We capture any action a user makes around your content anywhere on the web. From video views, scene reactions, comments and GIFs to social shares, we track it.  We let you know who your fans are, what they are engaging with and what is performing well across all your properties and major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit).

The Insights You Get




Know Your Fans Better Than They Do!

We create individual user profiles with our proprietary engagement data so you know exactly who your fans are.



Understand Your Content To Improve It

Our robust video analytics measure every metric, including a moment-by-moment sentiment analysis to know which scenes resonate with fans and why.



Shaping Content Strategy By Platform Is A Necessity

Sort data by platform to get an in depth understanding of how each of your individual apps are performing.

The Features It Powers

Recommendation Engine


Tailored suggestions that go beyond video ratings. Our recommendation engine is powered by our patented AI’s analysis of engagement and behavior to predict exactly what fans wants to watch next.

Moment-Based Search


The most precise video search engine in the world. Unreel search enables users to discover content based on individual scenes using the time-stamped comments our AI indexes from around the web.



Automagic highlight reel creator! ReelGenie finds the top scenes in your videos based on engagement data and automatically cuts together an epic highlight reel of your best content.