Studio71 Significantly Expands their Streaming Network with Unreel

With Unreel’s help Studio71 has taken over 100 of the largest names in the media and creator space onto OTT with the development of their own branded streaming apps. This relationship has contributed to a 275% increase in CTV ad revenue for Studio71 over the past year. Now, Studio71 has acquired 50 additional OTT brands developed by Unreel – taking their network’s total CTV app count to over 200. This deal brings the Studio71’s available CTV ad inventory to sell to advertisers to 200 million impressions a month. We are excited to continue to provide the tech platform necessary for Studio71 to operate and monetize their apps as well as launch new branded channels on OTT quickly and efficiently together.


50 New Channels, Unlimited Potential


Part of what differentiates Unreel is that we are our own customer. Using the Unreel platform, we have internally launched and grown a network of 50 successful brands across multiple OTT platforms. From movie verticals to popular special interest categories including gaming, food and automotive, the branded streaming services we created have found large user-bases on OTT.  What started as simple experiments swiftly developed into some of the most popular streaming services in OTT app stores with millions of installs. By going through the process of development and growth on OTT first hand, we have gained invaluable insights into the technology and strategies necessary to scale and monetize a streaming service effectively.  This experience has guided the evolution of the Unreel platform, improving how we help our partners build and manage their own streaming services.


With great pride, we are excited to hand our brands to Studio71 as the apps enter their next stage of growth. With the support of a powerhouse in the digital media space, as well as the continued backing of Unreel’s platform, we expect the streaming services we created to become household names delivering unique content to fans wherever they watch.


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