Nitro Circus Jumps onto OTT with Unreel Partnership

We are proud to announce Unreel’s new partnership with the extreme sports brand Nitro Circus – aimed to distribute and monetize their content across OTT.  This includes the development of an MRSS feed and 24/7 linear live feed for syndication as well as the growth of Nitro Circus’ owned-and-operated strategy with the launch of ‘Epic Makes Misses & Mayhem’ across iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Roku


Working with Unreel, Nitro Circus was able to quickly roll out a two pronged approach to OTT, allowing them to take advantage of syndication and their own Direct-to-Consumer strategy.


Co-founded in 2003 by iconic superstar Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus is a multi-platform content brand producing hit television programming, critically acclaimed documentaries, and innovative digital offerings. With television programming that has aired in over 60 countries and more than 25 million engaged fans across its social media platforms, Nitro Circus hoped to leverage their fanbase and content to take advantage of self distributing on OTT. 


The process to go live for Nitro Circus was simple. First their YouTube channel was synced to Unreel’s CMS, allowing for the continuous ingestion of their entire library of content, including new videos, posted to the social platform.  Unreel’s backend then produced an MRSS feed for Nitro Circus to deliver to XUMO and our patented A.I. programed their content into a 24/7 live linear feed for distribution on live EPG based endpoints.


Once Nitro Circus’s content was ingested and organized in Unreel’s CMS and app design assets were submitted, Unreel quickly deployed the new ‘Epic Makes Misses & Mayhem’ branded streaming service as a native app on top OTT platforms.


The Ad-supported apps rely on Unreel’s proprietary “AdStack TV” platform to monetize with optimized fill and CPMs across every ad call made by the streaming service.  With AdStack, ‘Epic Makes Misses & Mayhem’ is able to make parallel ad calls to the leading OTT ad exchanges to programmatically take bids for inventory, seamlessly accepting and delivering ads that offer the highest CPM’s across every device. 


Click here if you are interested in teaming up with Unreel to distribute and monetize your content on OTT.

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