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The OTT space is crowded. The sheer number of streaming services covering every niche’ of content and flavor of business model has become daunting. With every new network launched across OTT app stores, the level of competition to be discovered, let alone win over a user, becomes increasingly fierce. A chief concern for many of the networks we work with at Unreel is, if I put my amazing content out there on OTT, how can I ensure it does not simply become lost in a sea with 1,000s of other streaming services? Marketing is the apparent solution and a vital part of any growth strategy, but there is also a scalable component to user discovery that does not require a user acquisition budget.


The app discovery experience on OTT can be hacked. Organic search is an extremely powerful driver of growth for streaming services. App stores are becoming bloated on most OTT platforms and discovery through happenstance browsing is not how the majority of people find new apps. Most consumers are opening app stores with a specific channel or piece of content in mind and then searching for it. Streaming services with the correct content architecture and feeds can deep link each individual video, movie, and series to show up within app store search results. For a streaming service, this means not only showing up as a result for searches with the keywords in the streaming service’s name but also in searches for words in any of the potentially thousands of titles in their library. When a user selects to view content from the search results, the app for the streaming service that content lives on is automatically added to their device and playback for that content is opened.


At Unreel we have expended significant resources to ensure our partner’s streaming services are maximizing the power of search in each app store. Our focus on deep link search has led to millions of installs with no customer acquisition cost.  This includes placing two channels into the Amazon Fire TV top 10 best selling free apps and games rankings and multiple channels on the top of their respective category section in the Roku channel store; exposure worth hundreds of thousands of dollars resulting in a frenzy of new users, all achieved for free by focusing on search optimization.


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