Introducing Unreel’s New Video Player!

Unreel has released a newly redesigned video player across the over 6,000 video streaming sites that we power. The new player is sleeker, features an improved intuitive design, and most importantly is faster. This significant update keeps Unreel and our partners on the cutting edge of video streaming UI and UX.  See the new player in action here.




Besides actual content, the most important aspect of a user’s experience on an OTT streaming services is the player. It is the frame for the art that is video – from a masterfully composed feature film, eliciting the strongest of human emotions, to a viral video of a monkey in a tiny hat. With Unreel’s new video player, our partner’s content is framed with a beautiful scrubber and video playback controls that build off of industry standards and consumer expectations to offer something that simultaneously feels fresh yet familiar.


Engagement Features:

As always, Unreel’s player goes beyond aesthetic design and puts video engagement at the forefront of the viewing experience. Navigation to our engagement features are unobtrusive and easily found for users, but can also be hidden when preferred. Our patented time-stamped based commenting system allows for users to post comments and have conversations around specific moments within a video that can then seamlessly be shared anywhere on the web with a single click. Our player also has a built in GIF and MEME creator, making it possible for users to clip any part of a video, turn it into a GIF or MEME, and then share it across social without ever leaving the player; resuming the video where they left off once finished. Directly within the player there is also a queue displaying a quick view of the channel or playlist the current video is apart of.  From the queue, users can see what will auto-play next or choose a new video, all without pausing playback of the video they started on.

Unreel’s new player can also be easily embedded into any website using only a few simple lines of code.   As an embed, our player still offers all features and is a powerful tool for partners looking to beef up the content and monetization on their website.


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