High Times Launches ‘High Times TV’ on OTT with Unreel

Using Unreel’s platform, High Times, the leading magazine publication for the Cannabis lifestyle, has launched their own branded video streaming service ‘High Times TV’ across every OTT device.  The ad supported service features original High Times content and also serve as a point of additional distribution for established video brands including CustomGrow420, StrainCentral, Ruffhouse Studios, High Rise TV, Stoner Mom, The Green Market Report and That High Couple with new content from Now This Weed and Doug Benson’s “Getting Doug with High.”  As Youtube and other social platforms continue to demonetize cannabis related content, High Times TV is now an important distribution end point for High Time’s content, as well as others seeking to deliver ads on their videos that have been blacklisted elsewhere.   With a passionate and massive audience, High Time’s will now be able to engage, inform, and monetize their fans via videos on their own terms across every OTT platform.


High Times TV is the latest in a long list of  publishers Unreel is working with to expand their revenue beyond traditional print and digital platforms. OTT offers an opportunity for publishers to scale a video strategy they can rely on to play major role in future growth; adapting to consumer’s preferences as they continue to shift away from print and text towards screens and videos.  For High Times, OTT is the next frontier as the nearly fifty year old brand continues to evolve and find new ways to serve its fans.


You can find High Times TV on iOS, Android, tvOS and Roku.

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