Smart Banners: Rocket Fuel For Your Streaming Service

Meet Unreel’s Newest Feature…


Now any Unreel partner with a mobile app can enable a banner sitting atop their mobile website that invites users to install their app. When a user selects the banner, they are instantly taken to the app’s listing inside the app store native to the user’s device. It might sound simple, but the ability to take users directly to the app store of their specific device, be it the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, is a complex and powerful feature. To develop a banner that actually knows the user’s device and is able to open the app within the correct store was no easy task.  However, it is such an important function to offer because it allows for the fewest clicks by a user to convert into an install.  Less clicks means less friction, resulting in more downloads.

Receiving a mobile app install for your streaming service is one of the most important steps in converting a casual visitor into a user and avid fan. A user is far less likely to consistently watch content on a mobile website than on an app that takes up valuable real estate on their home-screen every time they open their device. An app also offers a better experience than a mobile site, resulting in longer watch times and increased engagement.


No one will argue the point; an app install is extremely valuable! That is why we have developed this powerful new marketing tool for our partners to convert mobile web site visitors into app installs.


Want to enable Smart Banners on your own site to drive mobile installs for your app? 

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