The New Unreel Embed Plugin for WordPress

The New Unreel Embed Plugin for WordPress

We are proud to announce the release of the brand new Unreel embed plugin for WordPress! This super simple tool allows any of our partners to seamlessly integrate their entire video library hosted on Unreel into their WordPress site. Nearly 17% of the entire web runs on Word Press websites and now every single one of them can embed monetized content hosted on powered sites.


For our partners, this plugin presents an easy way to incorporate a monetized video player within the branded experience of their site. All the advantages of the Unreel platform can now be reaped while remaining on the WordPress platform.


How it works:

1. Go to and launch a video streaming site for free.

2. Sync your content from YouTube, Facebook, a cloud storage system, or upload video directly in our admin dashboard.

3. From your powered site, copy the URL of the video you would like to embed.

4. Install the Unreel Embed Plugin on your WordPress site and paste the video URL into the embed.

5. If you would like, the size/dimensions of the player can be further configured optionally within the short-code setup process to match your WordPress site page.

Once up and running, the Unreel embed on your site will deliver ads just as it would on any of your other Unreel powered properties.


To learn more about the advantages of the platform and why it is the best video embed option for a WordPress site, click here.

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