Niche OTT Apps: How We Got to Over 1 Million Minutes Watched per Month!

Niche OTT Apps: How We Got to Over 1 Million Minutes Watched per Month!

As we continue to develop apps for top networks, publishers, and creators, it has become increasingly apparent that success hinges on finding an engaged audience.  For larger brands, with a built in fan base, success has correlated directly with their ability to tell those fans about new apps via their already established platforms.  For smaller, or new brands, aside from marketing, the number one factor for revenue potential has been how well the content fits into a narrow, but popular niche’.  On a single OTT platform we have relatively unknown brands receiving millions of minutes watched per month, solely because their very specific genre of content has a large group of passionate fans.  With little to no marketing, we have seen these niche’ brands generate extremely impressive monthly revenue-per-user numbers, as high as $15; an amount that has proven to scale as marketing efforts ramp up.


With access to our huge library of premium syndicatable content, we have begun launching owned and operated niche’ genre apps with simple “Zone” branding, for example Cute Zone.   Very quickly we have pushed an army of branded apps out, using ROKU as a testing ground, before scaling up onto other more competitive OTT platforms, like iOS and Android. This strategy has gained us 100,000’s of app downloads with minimal marketing and allows us to point these audiences towards our and our partner’s apps with similar content to download.


Our niche’ app strategy can easily be replicated by any Unreel partner.   Many of the brands we work with are already doing so, using Unreel as their tech and content partner, or in the form of a Joint Venture.  Unreel offers its 3-million plus library of short and long form videos to all of our partners for seamless syndication onto their streaming services.   If you have a brand, or want to launch a new one around a niche’ we can both fortify your content strategy and get you rolled out on OTT platforms in a matter of weeks.   Contact to learn more.


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