How We Would Change The NAB Show

The NAB Show is the cannot miss event for those in the video industry, be their focus on film, television, digital and everything in between. It attracts anyone and everyone who is involved in the process of recording audio and video, editing it, storing it and then distributing it to audiences. As a distribution solution to that equation, we at Unreel have a unique perspective on how the NAB Show could be enhanced; providing a more productive experience for exhibitors and attendees. 


Improving the Show comes down to the most cliché’ phrase in the OTT, film, and television industry — Content is king.


For an event loaded with exhibitors focused on the process of creating and succeeding with content, one thing is glaringly missing from the expo hall; content. Every piece of the puzzle to win in video is there except the actual video. There are film festivals and other content focused events happening year round for highlighting content, but they are fragmented and don’t draw as large a crowd focused on video as the NAB garners. Inviting owners of content to exhibit at the event would benefit all attendants, most of whose entire world circles around producing or distributing what else, content.


As it currently stands content owners of all kinds, be they networks, filmmakers, or creators, do not exhibit at the NAB. Although they constitute a significant portion of attendees, from the smallest independent creator to the head of a major network, without a booth their only opportunity to participate in the event is by walking. The NAB is overwhelming and even the most ambitious attendee would struggle to make it to all corners of the event and meet with every company relevant to their needs. For owners of content, there is one specific need that they can ill-afford to miss out on exploring every solution for; that is additional distribution. By giving them the chance to exhibit rather than wander, it would simplify the process of connecting content with distribution platforms; be it a new app store, UDN, or means to distribute themselves.


How the new and improved NAB Show would work:


Just like hardware, software, and services get their own floors at the NAB, so would content owners. Major Networks, the OTT kings (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and MCN types would be able to have a presence as exhibitors, and show off their content; an asset nearly every one else at the event so desperately wants to get their hands on in some way. Platforms with the need for content, like Unreel, be it for syndication, distribution via an app, or original content, would then be able to target and approach appropriate content owners rather than waiting and hoping that those content owners just pop up at the platform’s own booth by chance.  At the end of the event content owners who chose to exhibit would have a thorough list of contacts for new opportunities to distribute. It is a win-win for all sides, allowing those with content, always looking for new ways to increase their reach, to connect with platforms desperate for content to deliver to their audiences.


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  • Yes in the world of multiple platforms where content is critical NAB and other major shows (like its European equivalent IBA) needs a rethink…

    May 9, 2017 at 7:43 am

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