How to make more money from your videos with Syndication


For content creators, cashing in on their videos is becoming increasingly difficult. Major companies and their ad dollars, predicted to be worth almost a billion dollars, are fleeing away from YouTube after recent blunders. The platform’s response has been to tighten the rules around what content can be monetized, further hurting YouTubers. There is less money to be had, and it is harder than ever to get past the gatekeeper. Even if you create a monetizable viral hit, it is nearly impossible to keep others from copying the video, and republishing it on Facebook or elsewhere, allowing them to take a significant cut of the revenue you could have generated. In today’s content world, making a business out of your videos means pursuing multiply revenue opportunities. Only mega-creators, who’ve signed lucrative exclusive deals with a specific platform, can rely on distributing their videos to one place. A major part of distributing content to multiple platforms and maximizing revenue for creators now includes syndicating content.


Syndicating your content is a simple process that allows your videos to work for you without additional effort. It is important to note the major advantage of syndicating videos is that it in no way affects your current content strategy. You continue along as you would, free to make and distribute content however you choose. Syndicating simply means that the videos you upload to YouTube and Facebook, will also synch with other properties (video streaming apps) who have been given permission to show your videos. When your videos are shown on these properties, ads are placed just as they would be on YouTube or Facebook. Of that ad revenue, you are given a majority cut.


Syndication libraries like Unreel’s push out videos to apps with millions of users. When you synch your videos to our content library, they have the opportunity to be seen by millions of new viewers. This means you receive ad revenue without having to do a thing and gain exposure to a massive audience interested in the genre your videos occupy. Those new viewers are often easily converted into fans of your brand, then seeking your content on other platforms.


How it works:


  1. Go to and launch your own video streaming site for free. This can be a destination you market and drive fans to, or a private place, simply used to synch and upload your content. If having your own video streaming service (Think your own Netflix) is something you are interested in, Unreel can also build you video streaming apps for every device to reach your fans wherever they watch.


  1. Upon creating your site, you will be invited to connect your YouTube and Facebook accounts. By doing so, every video you’ve ever published on those platforms will automatically be imported onto your new site and integrated into Unreel’s syndication library. Any videos you upload to YouTube or Facebook in the future will also automatically be synched.   You also have the option to upload videos directly to your powered site.


  1. Contact us through the admin and express your interest in syndicating. By creating a site and synching your content you will automatically be added to our syndication marketplace, however by personally letting us know about your desire to syndicate, we can make an effort to push your content out to our partners and our own properties.


  1. Keep doing what you do. Continue making the videos you enjoy to produce and posting them where you normally would. They will automatically be pulled into our system’s library and be eligible to syndicated to millions of users.


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