Why we decided to offer free OTT cloud hosting

Charging to host content just doesn’t make sense to us.


If you shop around looking for a turnkey OTT service you will find many companies offering similar cookie-cutter solutions. To work with them you request basic video streaming apps, wait an undisclosed amount of time as they are built, upload your videos, launch your properties and sell content. What you will also find is a costly fee each month based on data used to host your videos in the cloud. This charge to store your content on their servers can quickly escalate to a small fortune if you are trying to scale a network with an immense video library. To the OTT providers it seems fair; server space is an expense that can easily be passed on to the customers. This policy also serves as insurance; if they are so lucky as to bag a substantial partner, charging based on storage space used allows them to leach off of their costumer’s size, meaning they do not miss out on extra profits when working with established brands. This model for cloud hosting on OTT essentially penalizes the content owner for adding content, curbing them from taking necessary steps to make their apps profitable.


Why would you hurt your partner’s chance at success?

For Unreel, the decision to offer free OTT cloud hosting was easy. Our number one concern is our partner’s OTT app’s success.  In that vein, one of our main focuses is to guide our partner’s content strategy. Being across all platforms on your own video streaming apps is meaningless if those apps lack content that entices fans to use them every day. A great driver of effective content strategy is offering an extensive reserve of videos. The more content to discover on a property, the longer a user will stay, increasing ad viewership, further developing their relationship with your brand, and providing additional opportunities to cross promote your other brands or properties. When you engage fans on an app loaded with an overwhelming supply of content, fans consistently return because there is always something new for them to watch.


Upload terabytes of video without spending a dime.


 To us it makes absolutely no sense to discourage our partners from bulk uploading videos to develop a deep content inventory. By bearing the brunt of cloud hosting expenses ourselves, we free up our partners to shape their content strategy around making their video streaming service the best experience for users. Whether we are working with a single content creator who has 100’s of videos or a major network with a content catalogue that goes back decades, they both pay the same for hosting – nothing.  Unhindered by the fear of raising their overhead, Unreel partners are more effective at launching OTT apps that are built for long term success.



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