Maker Studios Cut Me, What Now?

This could be the best thing to ever happen to your career as a creator!

In a move that is sending shockwaves among the content creator community, Maker Studios has announced it will cut ties with all but 300 of their creators.


If you are one of the thousands to be let go, you might be feeling like this:



Or in extreme cases this:



In reality though you should be feeling like this:



Now free from Maker you have two choices: Partner with another MCN or go it by yourself.


New MCN’s and Networks Will Call For You. They will say they are different from Maker, but they are not. They all operate under the same model, find as many creators with fans as possible, promise the world, trap them with an inescapable contract, and take the majority of revenue the creator generates despite the creator doing the majority of the work. Why would you want that again?


Go it alone and tell Maker and other MCN’s what they can go do:


Why going it alone does not have to mean going it alone:

 As you wiggle your way out from under Maker studio’s thumb, you are entering a new world where YouTuber creators without a network are self-distributing and monetizing content with the support of Unreel provides creators with their own branded video streaming site and apps, basically their own Netflix, available across all platforms. With powered properties creators are able to sell subscriptions, videos on demand, enable ads just like on YouTube, and accept tips like Patreon.  The vast majority of the profits generated are the creators to keep, not an MCN’s or YouTube’s. On top of that, creator’s videos can be cross promoted on thousands of other Unreel powered sites and apps, exposing the creator to millions of new fans and increasing opportunities to earn ad revenue.


How self-distributing works:


Step 1: Launch your own “Netflix like” video streaming site and apps for free instantly with Unreel.

Step 2: Sync your YouTube and Facebook content and upload videos directly to your site.

Step 3: Monetize your site and apps by selling subscriptions to access exclusive videos, video-on-demand, enabling ads, and accepting tips. Further monetize your content and reach millions of new fans by syndicating your videos within the network.

Step 4: Tell your fans about your site and instruct them to download your apps to see exclusive videos.

Step 5:  Jump in your swimming pool of money, since you do not have to share the majority of your revenue with an MCN or YouTube!

Ready to be your own boss?

Instantly Launch your site for free, click here!

With there is no commitment and it is free to launch instantly. Customize your site with your own branding, colors, and content. Sync with your YouTube and Facebook video libraries and upload exclusive content directly in the admin. Drive your fans to check out your properties where they can buy subscriptions to access exclusive videos, tip you, and view videos with ads. Contact us to explore opportunities to launch your own apps across all platforms and expose your content to millions of new fans with our syndication strategy. Without Maker you are now free to pursue countless new ways to earn more money from your videos and grow your fan base, let us help.


Unreel powers OTT sites and apps for the industry’s largest creators, networks, and publishers. With a patented A.I. to power an unparalleled user experience and Big Data driven analytics, Unreel is building more than just another video streaming app for our partners. With a wealth of monetization options and opportunities to reach new fans, Unreel is dedicated to seeing its partners succeed by providing them the tools necessary.
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