Unreel.me Feature Updates: Light theme and new discover page

The new Light theme is bringing balance to the OTT force:

To be honest, Unreel has been keeping its partners in the dark…theme. With the introduction of light theme, that is the case no longer. Light theme features a white background and accents on unreel.me powered video streaming desktop and mobile sites. Today marks a brighter era  for creators, publishers, and networks using the platform.  Although black will always be a sleek and sexy look, now you have the choice to set white as your background, brightening up the aesthetic of your site.



To implement light theme: Simply go to the ‘general’ section of the ‘settings’ drop down from your admin dashboard.  Then scroll down to the section titled, ‘colors’ and change the theme to ‘light.’


New Discover Page:

In addition to a new light theme option, all sites have been updated with a new discover page. The discover section of your site now has a more enticing look for the featured video sans the gradient, and a smoother channel layout with a new play button, scrubber bar and video details on thumbnails. There are also new hover effects on the video playlist carousel. We will continue to work on updating our designs to ensure our sites remain on the cutting edge of design.


Click here to launch your own Unreel.me Video Streaming site with Light theme.

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