GT Channel Races to tvOS

GT Channel Races to tvOS

car1The new powered GT channel app is out for Apple TV, get it today!


GT Channel is the only network of youtube creators focused on the automative world.  If it runs on four wheels, you will find it in a GT Channel video.  Featuring the trademark energy and passion of car enthusiasts everywhere, the GT Channel tvOS app allows you to bring the worlds greatest car videos directly into your living room.  See the world fastest, loudest and most beautiful cars on the best screen in the house!


By partnering with Unreel, GT Channel was able to quickly bring their one of a kind app to market. A UI/UX friendly experience with our unique design makes it easy for users to navigate and discover car videos they want to watch.  Moment based comments and easy sharing means fans can engage with GT Channel’s content like never before.


To see the powered app in action, go to the tvOS app store on your appleTV and search “GT Channel!”





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