Losing your Vine? A Vine Alternative You Need…

Losing your Vine? A Vine Alternative You Need…

It is a sad day for Viners world wide.  With the crushing news that Twitter will be closing the video platform, users of the site are facing an unsure future. For many Viners, the site was more than just a hobby, but a career, launching many into Internet stardom. Very shortly the plug will be pulled and suddenly thousands of content creators will be in need of a new home for their content.


Viners are asking what now?

The end of Vine does not mean the end of a career for any one who generated an income from the site and the fame it brought them. You still own a valuable library of videos and no doubt have plans to produce many more. The best vine alternative? Launching your own custom video streaming website and apps to take control of your distribution, fan-base, and revenue.



Take your content to a platform that will never let your down, your own!

With your own site and apps you can monetize your videos with subscriptions, advertisements, and collect money with a tip jar, all at one of the fairest rev-share rates in the industry. You will also be able to collect fans emails, allowing you to communicate directly with them, giving you full control!

Vine as a platform for discovery may be going away, but a new opportunity to monetize your fans and continue to grow is just beginning. Best of all it is free to get started with unreel.me!




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