The Ultimate Tool to take Control of your Fan Base

The Ultimate Tool to take Control of your Fan Base

TL;DR: Unreel has integrated with MailChimp, the web’s premier email marketing service, to allow networks, creators, and brands to collect their OTT app’s user’s emails.


Create a direct connection with your fans through email

mailchimpokimonFans are the lifeblood of content. Without their passion and support creators would be unable to consistently produce videos worth watching. Every network, creator, and brand knows the relationship with their most passionate fans is vital to the bottom line of their business. New viewers are nice, but nothing matters more than keeping current fans engaged. That’s how content grows, spreads, and in turn generates new fans.

How it works:

When content owners launch their video streaming service with Unreel, they are not only getting powerful OTT apps, they are also gaining access to the most powerful marketing tool around; email. No other form of distributing content allows the content owner to collect fan’s emails once they begin engaging with content.  By accruing an email list, an unprecedented direct line of communication is opened for the content owner. Now content creators, networks, or brands can promote themselves however they choose, directly to the exact audience that wants to be targeted; fans.


Email marketing is by far the most effective way to promote oneself

The instant new content debuts across your video streaming apps you can alert fans directly. Sending your coalition of faithful viewers to new content starts the viral snowball rolling, ensuring strong viewership numbers. Consistently emailing your fans allows you to both effectively strengthen your bond with them, as well as encourage sharing, to bring in new viewers.


                                            Who Doesn’t Love Getting Mail?

To learn how to  collect your fan’s emails, click here!


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Unreel provides creators, brands, and networks connected OTT apps across all platforms. Our patented streaming platform leverages social data to understand and engage viewers in new ways and deliver rich analytics to content owners. We are currently working with some of the largest networks in the world developing their OTT solutions.

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