Goodbye Cable, Hello OTT!

Goodbye Cable, Hello OTT!

smashCable’s imminent demise is swiftly approaching.  An analog technology in an ever-expanding digital world, dishes and cables are about to go the way of the dinosaur, Brendon Frasiers acting career, and the Nae Nae.  As people have grown accustomed to content specifically tailored to their interests online, cable and satellite providers continue to bundle packages of hundreds of channels when their consumers only watch, on average, 17.  Rather than paying the costly cable bill, dealing with the necessary hardware/service, and living under the ever-looming threat of the next commercial break, more and more households are waving good-bye to cable and satellite.  In America, 6.5% of households have taken the leap to dump cable and embrace the alternatives.  The rate at which additional households are saying sayonara to cable and satellite is increasing as well.


Over the last 5 years nearly 3.8 million cable and satellite subscribers have cut the cord or ditched the dish.

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Rather suddenly, traditional broadcast services have lost their monopoly on video content, and now millions of eyeballs once locked down by cable are up for grabs.  With this opportunity, new content providers are seemingly popping up every day. Video has become democratized. No longer does a creator’s idea need to be picked up by a T.V. studio, produced with a swollen budget, and have content adjusted to appease its sponsors to be seen.  A huge audience is now accessible to everyone, and that audience often chooses to engage with videos that would never fit into the broadcast television zeitgeist.  This means traditional networks and the newly enfranchised digital creators are scrambling to find OTT services to distribute their content digitally.


As more people cut the cord and ditch the dish, OTT services are a necessity for content providers to reach consumers.



Whose down with OTT? Yeah you know me… But what exactly is OTT?

OTT stands for Over-the-Top content, and refers to the delivery of video media over the Internet without the need of a multiple-system operator in the control or distribution of the content. In simple terms, OTT is the distribution of videos to Internet connected devices without the middleman, such as a cable provider. It is direct from the content owner to the consumer, on the devices, such as smart phones and Smart TVs, that contemporary audiences prefer. It is a direct means for a network or content creator to reach their fans on the fan’s terms. The audience benefits from OTT as it puts them in precise control of which content they pay for and on which platform they view it. For the contents creator OTT enables a new way to reach fans plus the opportunity to keep nearly all the profits.


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The problem arises when content owners realize the daunting task it is to take on their own OTT distribution. Without a full time dedicated tech team, creating and maintaining video streaming apps for iOS, tvOS, Android, Roku and desktop is impossible. Most networks and content creators are hesitant to take the bull by the horns and build out their OTT solution, considering the cost of entry. Aside from the pioneers, such as HBOgo, even the big guys are slow to tackle the OTT challenge. One thing is for sure however; the opportunity is there and the gold rush has just begun.


One solution to rule them all: platforms-graphic

Every content owner needs a way to power their own OTT distribution. They need a video streaming website and apps for every phone and Smart TV platform that allow for monetizing content, and offer great UI/UX. Why employ your own team of master engineers and industry experts to build those apps for each platform when you can outsource the process with Unreel. Unreel has developed fully customizable white-labeled apps and sites to give every owner of content their own cross-platform OTT media empire. To learn more about Unreel’s OTT solutions, click here.


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