The new Unreel LA Office!

The new Unreel LA Office!

We’ve moved our main office to Santa Monica for the surf, sunshine, and most importantly, the creators.


As a company that seeks to empower content creators, where better to be than the world epicenter for entertainment?


When it comes to video, you cannot throw a malfunctioning hover-board in this town without hitting a creator. Our new office in Downtown Santa Monica affords Unreel the privilege to rub elbows with both the largest and smallest content creators around. Between serendipitous meetings with a hot YouTube star in an elevator, to being minutes away from the top networks and studios, it is already apparent to us that this is the place to be.


Unreel’s goal is to give content creators the tools and means to self distribute their content, take control of their fan base,
and monetize their videos. Being in LA embeds us in the video creator community and makes it that much easier to reach out to help. The un-foreseen benefit is that the passion and commitment of local video creators has lit a fire underneath us, imbuing our team to work even harder towards our goal! Now that we have joined the vibrant LA content creator community we have made it our mission to empower its members and aid their online video success.


Did we mention our offices are NOICE (Nice)?!?


Even Pokemon stop by now and then.

Located between Bodega Wine bar and a 24 hour Diner, there is always something to nom or slurp on after work. Add in LA’s best Italian deli, Bay Cities, and Santa Monica’s top burger spot, Pono Burger, within a block and we have quickly come to realize that we are living in foodie paradise. Our office doubles as a play place for our Pup, Pumbaa, rescued from a local dog shelter, Karma Rescue. Not yet able to code as well as our engineers (but well on his way) our pupper is happy to welcome the many creators who come through our doors.


Potty training takes time…

Join our Meet-up and come say Hi!

If you are located in the Los Angeles area join our meet-up, Santa Monica Video Creators. Come to our next event to say hi. We discuss both what Unreel can provide creators, and general techniques and strategies to get the most out of your content! Look forward to seeing you there.

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