Meet Unreel at Vidcon 2016!

Meet Unreel at Vidcon 2016!

Unreel and Chill with us at Vidcon!

testttttWe’ve got a booth, come by and say Hi!


Above the sea of chaotic teens and their ear-piercing screeches take haven at the Unreel Booth on the creator level. This year at Vidcon we will have an awesome booth located on the second floor, only accesable by those in the industry. Our booth will be providing bean bags to lounge on, refreshments to nom on, swag to swag on, and the opportunity to speak with our founders and instantly launch your own video streaming site right then and there!


To schedule an appointment to meet with us there, click here!


Who: is a platform that allows creators to instantly launch their own custom video streaming site and apps. Creators can claim their own domain name, instantly synch their content from YouTube and Facebook and also upload exclusive videos. Videos uploaded directly to the site can be monetized through ads, merchandise, video-on-demand, tip-jar and subscription paywalls with a much fairer rev share split.

All sites and apps are powered by our patented social A.I., Bumblebee. Bumblebee crawls the big social platforms for comments about specific moments in your videos. It captures this social engagement providing unique big data analytics and a sound cloud style time stamped commenting system that engages with the entire web! Our platform also has some amazing features such as an instant GIF/ Meme maker, dynamic playlists based on user’s preferences, and an instant highlight reel generator.


Take control of your community and monetize your content Off-Platform with Unreel!



A friggin’ awesome booth featuring free food and drinks, bean bag chairs, swag give aways coming out the wazooh, and conversations with the Unreel Team about how we can work together!



The creator level of Vidcon, on the second floor of the Anaheim convention center. Anaheim Ca, USA, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Our Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.



Our booth will be set up for all three days of Vidcon, June 23-25 from 8am-6pm



Stop by  to relax, refresh and ramp-up your business strategy! The Unreel team will be around explaining how our platform allows creators to grow their community and profit off of their content. Stop by and we will have laptops so that you can instantly launch your own video streaming site for free right there and then.


Click here to schedule a meeting with us at Vidcon!


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