How Subnetworks can survive YouTube’s ban

How Subnetworks can survive YouTube’s ban

A Brave New World for Subnetworks



On June 8th YouTube and Google made the decision to disallow “Subnetworks” from operating on YouTube — effectively disenfranchising all but the largest of MCN’s. It is understandable why the subnetwork system needed reformation; often misrepresenting themselves to up and coming YouTubers by selling false hopes and claims with little substance, some subnetworks were hurting the community as a whole. The system allowed for subnetworks to bait-and-switch their creators by posing as a larger prestigious MCN. In reality the subnetwork was only an affiliate of said MCN. It is for these reasons that YouTube felt the need to ban them.


The devastating ruling has carved a massive hole in the online content ecosystem, marginalizing the have-nots in favor of the already-well-off.


All subnetworks are not scams however. Subnetworks are usually legitimate MCN’s, without the official recognition of YouTube, due to stringent requirements to qualify. They strive to strengthen their network primarily by helping their partners grow. Subnetworks give creators on the fringe, who fail to attract large MCN’s attention, a valuable partnership that is beneficial for both parties and for the entire YouTube community. Unfortunately the impropriety of a minority of subnetworks destroyed their reputation and gave way to YouTube’s ruling. By essentially pulling the rug out from under subnetworks, YouTube has turned its back on many respectable and productive networks.


What now?

A massive number of productive networks have to scramble to figure out what value they can offer their community of creators before their ties completely dissolve. The issue is that without the ability to manage their creators from a central dashboard, or any of the other MCN tools on the site, Subnetworks function has to change.


Subnetworks, take it Off-Platform!

In the aftermath of the ruling, Subnetworks need to pivot their strategy to survive. Their creator network still exists and is an asset that does not have to be lost. Subnetworks can take over the management of their portfolio of creators off-platform — off-platform meaning away from YouTube. Their creators are still YouTubers first and it is there they are most discoverable to gain popularity. For creators part of Subnetworks that already have a fan base, the most lucrative opportunities actually exist off-platform; where they can build a community and monetize on there own terms. offers Networks the opportunity to create custom video streaming sites for each of their creators. With these sites they can sell videos and advertisements on exclusive content available only on the site. Each Network’s creators can drive their current fans to their site, the only place to view these videos. Networks will be able to manage their creators and receive their cut of revenue from a central dashboard, making them an MCN off-platform!


How it works:

Think of it as a Netflix for each of your creators and you are at the wheel.

Each of your creators will get their own custom site; with the potential, depending on size, for phone and smart TV apps as well. On their site creators can instantly synch their YouTube content. They can also upload exclusive videos and put those behind a pay wall, requiring a VOD payment or subscription payments from fans to access them. They can also sell advertisements, merchandise and accept tips on their site. You will have a dashboard and tools, just like an MCN on YouTube, to manage each of your network’s creator’s sites. You can continue to control your network to help creators grow and take a cut of the revenue should you wish. We also have a patented technology that analyzes social engagement and sentiment around your creator’s videos to give you in-depth analytics. The benefit for creators is that the revenue cut we take is far less than traditional rev share models, only 15%, so you and your creators make more money.


To learn more about how you can launch your new multi-platform media empire, click here!

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