Why share the Glory? Self-Distribute your Film!

Why share the Glory? Self-Distribute your Film!

TL;DR: Filmmakers used to be limited by an unfair distribution system. Now, self-distribution allows creators to keep full control of their film and their community of fans while raking in the lion’s share of the profits. Unreel.me offers an unparalleled option for filmmakers to claim their own site to stream and sell their film.



Don’t lose control of your film

From inception to distribution a film is the Creator’s child. Raised from a gleam in their eye to a completed audio and visual expression of a story, the idea is raised with the utmost care. A cast and crew spent countless hours to insure their narrative would be told. The culminating film represents the intense effort and perseverance any piece requires to make it through production. Complete, the film may be entered into festivals, touring the world, winning the adoration and hardware associated with an award-worthy picture. Or, it may simply go largely unrecognized; inherently unjust based on the effort put in, yet more often than not, the fate of most films.


The evolution of film distributiontheater

Whether your film is Festival bound, or goes straight to the web’s digital screens, it is wholeheartedly yours to share with the world­ — until you forfeit that right. This is the complicated part, that time and again has seen creators receive the short end of the stick; distribution. In a bygone era, distribution channels for films were limited, placing the negotiating upper hand firmly in the palm of Theaters and Television networks, thus ripping away control and profits from the film’s creators. Worse, films that did not fit the paradigm of “sellable” to the corporate Bigwigs, would go undistributed. A death sentence for the film, cutting short any hopes of seeing profits and a debilitating blow to the career of most filmmakers.


The Internet has put this whole model on its head.


Now, as the owner of the content, the destiny of your film’s distribution is up to you. The channels to distribute have grown substantially and the potential is there to keep the majority of both the profits and control of your film. Even a widely popular movie, loaded with momentum from Festival awards and lucrative offers from networks and the new large online players (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) can find the greenest pastures by partnering with a self-distribution platform. For films with built-in interest, critical acclaim or some form of celebrity appeal, it means leveraging their established fan base and Press to bring viewers to their film’s own streaming site. In addition to a significantly larger cut of the revenue pie, by self-distributing the creator is taking control of their film’s fan base, able to form a community around it.


The power to own your fan community, engage with them, and access analytics based on their engagement around your film are game changing.



Suddenly, as the filmmaker you can understand what particular aspects of your film made it compelling to fans, and also can call upon those fans when your next masterpiece is released.

For lesser-known films, DIY Distribution provides the only viable way to make the content available to the masses while keeping the lion’s share of the profits. Used in conjunction with a social marketing strategy even brand new filmmakers can develop a following and begin building a community around their content. To solve the discoverability issue, clever trailers and longer teases on YouTube and inexpensive or free digital marketing can draw a crowd to any film. If you deliver a viral hit, suddenly you have a fan base for future films.

The Discoverability Issue

The discoverability issue still looms large for all creators looking to self distribute. As intimidating as it may seem to neglect traditional channels of distribution with built in audiences in favor of DIY distribution, it is very much worth the effort.


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How to Self-Distribute?unreel.me_300x300_C

Unreel.me offers filmmakers a platform to self-distribute their films. Creators are given their own site to customize the look and feel with logos, colors and modules. Their site can be synched with the filmmaker’s YouTube/Facebook to automatically pull in their videos. Filmmakers can also upload their film onto the site behind a pay wall with several different Video-on-Demand options or simply accept tips for their work. Unreel.me sites are powered by our patented A.I. technology that measures fan engagement across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and unreel.me to analyze the most engaging moments. This data allows filmmakers to identify the most popular scenes in their films, and allows fans to interact and engage with the content like never before. Unreel.me is free to use and takes a 15% cut of any revenue generated from selling content or merchandise. Our still available million-dollar creator fund means we give all the revenue generated on our platform to creators until we’ve given away one million dollars!

Learn more about unreel.me here.

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