ReelGenie: Our New Automagic Highlight Reel Creator!

ReelGenie: Our New Automagic Highlight Reel Creator!


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What does it take to produce a popular video? You need a set, equipment, props, makeup, wardrobe, a crew, and a great idea. It is a costly and time consuming process that any accomplished content creator knows all too well. As a creator you also understand the importance of frequently releasing new content to keep your fans engaged. Videos go stale fast and followers begin to stray once they have seen all of your content. Our instant highlight reel creator, ReelGenie, allows you to generate new content out of old videos almost instantly. Provide your fans with something fresh to watch, and take a temporary break from the arduous task of producing new content.


Our highlight reel generator, ReelGenie, finds your top scenes and seamlessly stitches them together to form an amazing piece of unique content.


ReelGenie does this by using Unreel’s patent pending AI, Bumblebee, to analyze engagement around moments within your video based on social comments. If some one mentions a moment in your video on YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or Unreel, we capture it! Bumblebee then determines which moments in your videos have the most comments and chooses those scenes for the highlight reel. The final product is a never before seen video loaded with those moments from your content that most resonated with your fans.


Your most compelling scenes as chosen by your viewers are combined into something truly epic!


How it works:

  1. Create an microsite and set it up.
  2. From your admin dashboard select from the content drop down menu “Highlight Reels”
  3. Click “ +Create New Highlight Reel!”
  4. Use the search function to find the five videos whose highlights you would like to feature in the reel.
  5. Give your Highlight Reel a title and description then press “Make My Video!”


Our A.I. will use social engagement metrics from those videos to select the best scenes. We then combine those moments to automatically produce a highlight reel your fans will love. No extra work on your part. Hit “Make My Video!” from your couch and you instantly have a new piece of content!


Get Started creating your own highlight reels here!


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