Meet the Support Me Tip Jar

Meet the Support Me Tip Jar

You do it for the fans

All content creators do. Nobody sets out to make a video they hope nobody enjoys. It’s every video makers goal to produce content that interests viewers. It is their hope and dream that their videos connect with people on such a level that they become fans. That adoration is at the core of nearly every content creator’s motivation. Big or small, if your fan base appreciates what you make, it is a reward in and of itself, but that doesn’t keep the lights on!


To Monetize or not to Monetize, that is the question

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Monetizing content is a touchy subject for most content creators. The idea of making money off of videos is appealing, but many are concerned about alienating fans. Others are true artists and as such, believe art should be free. Charging for content can also pump the breaks on a small creators growth; whose viewers are not prepared to pay for video on demand just yet. Those apprehensive about monetizing videos may choose not to sell their content, covering the hefty production costs themselves.


Support Me Tip Jar allows creators to accept monetary gestures of appreciation from fans to help cover costs.giphy (37)


It is understandable why a creator would choose not to monetize videos with pay-walls — to preserve their artistic integrity or they are simply not ready to do so. However, it is unfair to reject offerings of gratitude from fans and it is equally unfair for creators to finance the costs of producing videos out of their own pocket. Allowing fans to tip strengthens the bond with the creator, as suddenly the relationship becomes reciprocal with each party benefiting. For creators accepting tips can be a way to supplement production expenses or fund a side project. For viewers, choosing to tip is an outlet to thank creators and the ultimate sign of fandom.


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.08.05 AMEnabling Support Me Tip Jar

Every site comes equipped with an activated Support Me Tip Jar.  Fans can easily choose the amount they would like to pay over our secure system. Creators can adjust their site’s Support Me Tip Jar settings from the admin dashboard to fit their preferences. Fans will be able to select the Tip Jar, read your brief description of its purpose and then choose whether they will support you or not. They then can continue to enjoy your content on your site uninhibited.


For more information on how to edit and enable Tip Jars, Follow this help article.


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