Exciting new updates to unreel.me

Exciting new updates to unreel.me

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TL;DR The new updates to unreel.me include an automatic highlight video generator, a tip jar, A.I. powered video recommendations, MRSS feed support, coupons and new payment options.


Today some major features and fixes are rolling out that will change the way creators use unreel.me!




ReelGenie – Highlight Reel Creator:

Automagically create new content by generating highlight reels of your best content! Choose several of your top videos and our Patent Pending A.I will determine their most popular scenes based on social engagement. Then we instantly stitch those scenes together into a highlight reel video your fans will love! Learn more about ReelGenie here.


Support Me donations:

Think of this as a tip jar, allowing you to offer your content for free while accepting the gratitude of your fans in the form of cash! On default all sites will now have a bundle that fans can donate to. Learn more about Support Me here.


Dynamic content:

Welcome to the future! Our platform’s A.I is constantly learning what your fans like to watch. You can now add channels around Recommended Videos, Most Popular Videos, and Most Recent Videos that will automatically create playlist to fit each fan’s specific preferences. Engage viewers like never before by consistently providing them with the content they love! Learn more about dynamic content here.



Creators can now use coupons to entice fans with discounts or free content.  It is super easy to set up the promotion, generate a coupon code, and share it with fans.


New payment options:

How do you want to get paid? Creators can now choose in their profile how the money they make gets sent to them. Choose between monthly PayPal deposits, or checks in the mail.


MRSS feed support:

You can now push your unreel.me content into an RSS feed to publish your videos into other distribution channels.


Instant subscribe button:

There is now the option to have a dedicated subscribe button on the left menu, to make it easy for fans to subscribe to you from anywhere on your site.


Look for upcoming blog posts and help articles to further explain these updates in detail including how you can use them to boost your site!


To learn more about unreel.me and to instantly launch your own video streaming site for free, visit www.unreel.me

  • Lovely color! Seeing bright make up colors like this make me excited for spring and summer. I've never heard of Sposrtgirl before but it's probably a Aus brand. You have the best stuff.

    August 7, 2016 at 10:03 am

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