How Louis C.K. is Accidentally Leading A Content Creator Revolution

How Louis C.K. is Accidentally Leading A Content Creator Revolution

TL;DR Comedian Louis C.K. is leading the charge for content creators to become their own video distribution platform.

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The man is a world-class comedian whose genius is rarely matched. Other stand-ups rely on gimmicks to put on an act and play the fool. What makes Louis so poignantly hilarious is his perceptiveness.  He is able to recognize phenomenon that others do not; seeing life in a unique light. His brilliance is not limited to comedy.  Louis C.K. with his rebellious spirit, has become one of the first content creators to self distribute their videos; forgoing traditional channels of distribution to sell his new sitcom, ‘Horace and Pete.’


C.K. has recognized a recent convergence of new technology and adaptations in consumer behavior in regards to video distribution and consumption.  He’s realized that distributing videos of his new sitcom himself allows him to reap nearly all the benefits; circumventing the inequity of revenue share models on other distribution platforms.


Get inside Louis head!

There are two novel developments that have opened the door for content creators to self distribute their videos:


Technology: To self distribute videos online requires some serious software.  A video platform that supports encrypted hosting, a pay wall to sell videos with a pay-per-view, video on demand or subscription model, and a safe transaction flow, is an enormous undertaking for a content creator.  Add in the aesthetics of branding plus an elegant user interface, and the task of creating your own site for distributing videos becomes daunting.  C.K., ahead of the curve, recognized that the cost and time contracting techies to build his own video website had fallen. For a reasonable price, Louis broke himself free of the established corporate distribution models by becoming his own platform.  With ownership of a site built to reflect his sitcom’s personality, Louis has managed to keep the majority of the profits generated by his show.
Changing consumer preferences: It is no secret that viewing videos online is in vogue among consumers. The shift towards this new medium has been expedited by the expanding number of web enabled screens (think smartphones, smart TV’s, and smart pets…coming soon) as well as the proliferation of content providers delivering content online.  Nearly every major network now releases their shows for streaming on their own video sites.  Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a host of other services have grown increasingly popular among viewers­ — soon to surmount the number of cable watchers in America. In pop culture, binge watching, Netflix and chilling, and online video personalities have become apart of our collective conscious.  25% of US Adults now watch content solely online, a number that is expected to grow.  There are more than enough eyeballs on the web seeking to watch videos online.




















These two factors may be apparent to anyone savvy to the industry, yet only now are content creators starting to act on them. Louis’s brilliance is in his primacy as one of the first content creators to take the leap of faith to own their own distribution. To take control of his content by selling videos himself, a standup comedian has become a pioneer, leading the charge to a new golden era for content creators.


Every Content Creator a platform:

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The monopoly on content that large distribution platforms once had has vanished. They are no longer the sole option when it comes to selling content and reaching viewers. The tools for the content creator revolution are here! Creators do not need to accept unfair revenue splits and lose control over their videos to the ‘big guys.’ Every creator can be their own platform, selling content directly to fans, keeping the majority of the revenue that rightfully belongs to them.


Be the change, join the fight:

Not everyone one can hire an internal tech team to build their own site and new companies such as Unreel have made that step unnecessary for creators of all sizes. White-labeled sites, apps for smartphones and TV’s, powered by these providers, empower creators to become their own platform to distribute their videos.


unreel.me_300x300_CAbout gives content creators their own suite of fully customizable white-labeled video streaming sites and apps for free. Creators can assign their own URL to the site and instantly synch it to their library of content from YouTube and Facebook. In addition, content creators can upload exclusive videos that can then be sold to fans! All sites are powered by our kick-ass video player with features available nowhere else.

Learn more about unreel and the creator revolution 

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