Sell videos on your site with PayPal

Sell videos on your site with PayPal

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Unreel and PayPal:

We are proud to announce that all video streaming micro sites now feature PayPal.  Users are able to securely purchase video on demand, subscriptions, and pay-per-view videos off of micro-sites through PayPal.  This integration ensures all transactions are safe and secure for both content creators and fans.


What this means for Creators:    

Once you have monetized your site and a fan purchases access to a video bundle or merchandise, they will be prompted to complete the transaction using PayPal.  The ease of use and peace of mind associated with PayPal allows fans to feel safe buying videos and merchandise from your video streaming site.  This integration helps further empower content creators looking to distribute their own videos and provide fans with the best experience possible.


Don’t have an site to sell fans videos with PayPal?

Set up your own for free here!

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