How to monetize your videos and look great doing it!

How to monetize your videos and look great doing it!

Step one: Instantly launch your own site here for free!

Of course you don’t just do it for the money.  We slave over our videos because it is our passion.  Nothing satisfies more than pouring your creative soul into a video that is then enjoyed by fans.  Even if you do not identify as an artist, the act of capturing yourself or your ideas on camera qualifies you as one. Joining the ranks of Michelangelo, Scorsese, and regrettably Rob Schneider, as filmmakers.

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Being an artist you are also starving. Probably not literally, forced to trade your work for the food scraps of aristocrats, but you are trading your work for scraps.  The crumbs of Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and countless other greedy video distribution networks; all paying their creators a tiny fraction of what they make.  You put in all the work, you are the reason the fans have come, and then you get only a small portion of the money.  Not Any more!

By making an site, you’ve taken a stand against the big guys and you’re bravery is about to be rewarded with cash.

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Prepare to fill that Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool of money you’ve always wanted.

You’ve brought us the content, the fans, and in return we are giving you a kick-ass platform to sell them what they so desperately want.

They are shouting “Shut up and take my money,” now all thats left is deciding how you will happily do so.

We are going to help you create a little bundle of joy you can show off to the world like a proud mother. In this case however, that bundle will be a collection of your best videos and not a stinky baby. Bundles are how you group videos and channels that will require payment to access. This is where you put exclusive content, deleted scenes, behind the scenes looks, and fan favorites to entice your following to take the next step into fandom by forking out some dough. powered sites have 4 different options when it comes to charging fans for premium content.  Use this as your guide to what style of “bundle” you should choose, and some advice on how to price your content.Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.35.38 PM

Pricing models

1. One Time:

One time pricing means users pay a one time fee, and have access to the bundle for the rest of time, and maybe longer.  This option best fits a microsite that will not be updating content. If you are using the platform to distribute a movie or content that will not be added to, this is the option for you.

Note: One Time is the only pricing that does not allow you to offer a trial period to your fans.


2. Monthly: 

Monthly pricing means users pay a set fee once a month automatically forever until they cancel. This means the money will keep rolling in.  We recommend that content creators who will be consistently updating their content on a regular basis consider this option.


3. Annually:

Annual pricing means that once a year your users will automatically pay a set fee until they cancel.  This option is best suited for sites that will be putting content out on an irregular basis, meaning fans may not have a reason to return for new content every single month.


4.  Monthly and Annually:

Monthly and Annually means that users pay automatically every month to access the bundle and have to pay an extra fee once a year as well. This is the cadillac of payment models.  If you are putting out premium content regularly and have a strong following of dedicated fans, this one is for you.

5. Tip Jar:

Every site launches with a Supportme Tip Jar already activated. This model allows fans, should they choose, to send donations to show their gratitude and to cover your production expenses.  The pre-set model is a 4-dollar tip occurring monthly.  You can edit Tip Jar or remove it as you would any other bundle.  To learn more about tip jar, check out this blog article.

What type of content are you trying to sell?

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A Youtube channel:

Your Youtube channel has managed against all odds to build up a strong fan base that consists of more than your family and dog, congrats!  You probably are already making money from advertisements on Youtube and that’s great, but now it’s time for the real bucks.  If you are like most Youtubers, then you put out videos daily to weekly; this takes the one time pricing off the table.  It is now time to ask yourself the most important question facing humanity and no it is not ‘What’s the meaning of life?’  You need to ask yourself, “How much do people like me?” More specifically, how much do your fans like you. If you have a dedicated ride-or-die following, consider doing the combined monthly and annually pricing model to maximize revenue. If your fans like you, but don’t like-like you, go with monthly.  If you are unsure about your fans dedication, start out with the annual pricing and see how many are willing to pay.


A Movie:

Whether your film is destined for Oscar glory or is a documentary on ear wax nobody asked for, fans most likely will only watch it once or twice.  This means you  have a single chance to get them to pay for your work. The one time payment model is best for a film released on an site. Fans should pay for what they get, if you have made an instant classic, do not be afraid to price yourself like a box office hit.  If your movie has a narrow appeal and poor reviews price it to move and consider a new day job 😉


A Series:

We are living in the golden era of series.  It is near impossible to have a conversation with someone and not come away with several show reccomendations that are ‘must watch’.  People have grown accustumed to being able to binge watch an entire series.  If your series is a traditional season-by-season episode driven show, we recommend putting out a whole season at once and charging a one time price for each episode.  If it is an ongoing series and all the content is not ready at once, the monthly pricing model should also be considered.



Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and charge him a monthly fee for each lesson. If your content is lesson based, you have all the payment options to choose from.  If you are putting up a set curriculum that will not change or be updated, go with the one time model.  If you will be adding content reguraly, choose monthly, if you are putting out lessons sporadicaly throughout the year, go with annual. If you are teaching people how to become super villains, take your lessons elsewhere, we don’t want that on our hands.


Magic beans:

If you are trying to sell magic beans, we suggest finding a gullible boy and trading for his cow.

WARNING: Do not be surprised when beans turn out to actually be magical.


Note on prices:

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Its hard to choose the right price to access your content. To figure it out get ready to throw on your Economics hat and look at the elasticity of your market.  I know you are already dozing off, but you gotta figure out how how many fans will stick around as your prices go up. Choose a price that is fair for the quality of your work and reflects what your average fan would be willing to pay. For a million dollars a month price tag you might get one fan, for a dollar a month price tag you might get 2 million fans. Guess which is better!

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