Unreel.me at SXSW 2016!

Unreel.me at SXSW 2016!

Few events draw such a concentrated mix of film, music and technology as SXSW every March in Austin, Texas. The festival is at the intersection of innovation and entertainment, bringing together the hottest performers, filmmakers, and stars alongside the latest and greatest in tech. It is only natural then that we (Unreel.me) needed to not only have a presence at SXSW, but also become apart of the festivities.

As a tech company on a mission to empower creators, SXSW is an event we could not afford to miss. 


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For our first year at the event we have teamed up with Videotape, an awesome video social network, and , a tasty new protein packed water, to sponsor the Recharge lounge. Located right in the middle of the action, the lounge has offered drinks, food, cell phone chargers and respite for the huddles masses of South By’ers seeking refuge from the sun and nonstop partying. The chill atmosphere and constant flow of Trimino (sometimes mixed with alcohol) has attracted many creators looking for a new video distribution platform.


Our Partners

SXSW also has served as a stage to broadcast the star power of several of our Unreel.me creators. Our friends and superstars R. City played several concerts to sold out crowds, and screened their Rockumentary “What Dreams Are Made Of,” which will soon be available on their Unreel.me powered streaming platform. Needless to say their performances were electric leaving little doubt about their very bright future.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.17.44 PM

“Paranormal Activity Security Squad”, a new horror comedy film starring Alexander Wraith, Sean Stone and Bianca Bree Van Damn had a successful screening, with one viewer calling it “ What I imagine a trip on mushrooms is like.” The film can be seen at paranormalactivitysecuritysquad.com.

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The Unreel Recharge lounge is open everyday 12-5 until Saturday the 19th. Come on by if you are at SXSW and visit with our team.  https://sxswrechargelounge.splashthat.com/

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