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Reach fans everywhere they watch! With a lineup of customized apps for each of your brands, Unreel’s OTT offerings put you in control of your video distribution destiny. Get your own iOS, Android, Roku, tvOS, Fire TV, and Vewd video streaming apps powered by Big Data to engage your audiences across all platforms.


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The Unreel Advantage

Endless ways to generate revenue with ads and pay walls.


Mix and match your business model with any combination of monetization options to maximize revenue.  Choose from fully customizable SVOD, VOD, or Tip Jar options and deliver ads with industry leading CPMs automatically when enabled.


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To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.
Go beyond the standard analytics of other platforms. Our patented A.I. indexes moment-based engagement around your content, not only from your properties, but across all the main social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube). This Big Data is used to power a precise recommendation engine, moment-based search, and detailed reports available in our dashboards.


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Go viral on purpose.
Have a site and apps that spread like wildfire.  Our time-stamped commenting encourages a community to emerge and moments to be shared.  Easy one-click posting to social media sites and an instant GIF/MEME creator ensure that sharing becomes a part of the engagement with your content.


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Capture the buzz around your content’s best moments, (wherever it is).
Unreel’s patented A.I. bot, Bumblebee, crawls major social networks looking for conversations about your content.  Comments about moments in your videos are captured and transposed into the time stamped conversations on your properties.  This allows for engagement around your videos from everywhere on the web to converge on your content.


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A central HQ to manage your OTT empire.
Track the analytics and manage content for all of your interconnected properties from a single dashboard.  Assign administrators to lighten your load, controlling what properties they can manage.  Make uniform changes to every app and site within a single property including uploading videos with one simple step.


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